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SpecialT MRI adds new Philips Ingenia Ambition 1.5T MR system.

Whole-Body screening
Heart Screening

SpecialT MRI specializes in advanced MRI screenings for cardiac and whole-body health assessments.
The cardiac MRI screening offers detailed heart imaging, aiding in diagnosing conditions like coronary artery disease and heart valve issues without ionized radiation.

The whole-body MRI assesses multiple organ systems, detecting abnormalities and enabling early preventive care.
Reasons to choose SpecialT MRI include expertise in cardiac MRI imaging, state-of-the-art technology, special wide-bored machine, special software, and personalized patient care.


Fast scans.

Exceptional quality.

Unmatched experience

Has your doctor ever recommended that you get an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exam? Or are you simply curious about this safe imaging test?

Our new Ingenia Ambition 1.5T from Philips Healthcare addresses all those issues and is designed for First Time Right imaging, featuring automatic fat and motion suppression, Compressed SENSE (increased image acquisition applications, that can speed up the exam time by up to 50%) as well as the dStream digital imaging, technologies that decrease acoustic noise by up to 80%, patient-conforming coils, a 70 cm bore and a patient experience designed to reduce patient anxiety and eliminate the need for re-takes.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Ingenia Ambition 1.5T is its unique patient experience. The in-bore experience offers patients a comforting, engaging visual enhancement. To begin, patients personalize their experience by selecting a theme to fill the room with a colorful video image. The video is then viewed while in-bore and is combined with soothing audio to create a truly immersive experience.

Clear patient instructions are provided by the AutoVoice component of the system, which coaches the patient through their examination while scanner noise is reduced through the ComforTone component. The improved and personalized patient experience was designed to help the patient relax and increase the likelihood of First Time Right imaging.

The open system also allows us to image patients of varying size, age, and physical condition, which means you can potentially send more of your patients for noninvasive MRIs than you may have considered before.

SpecialT MRI is now the only facility in the region able to offer radiologists, referring physicians, and patients access to the revolutionary Philips Ingenia Ambition 1.5T MR system.

Excellent image clarity

Philips Ingenia Ambition 1.5T incorporates dStream architecture that digitizes the signal directly in the coil, substantially improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The result? Our radiologists and referring physicians can count on superb image quality to help diagnose patients with confidence.

Fast Exams

Ingenia Ambition 1.5T also speeds up MR exams, with several innovations that can increase productivity. It simplifies patient positioning and coil handling for our technologists, so patients can be scanned from head to toe across the entire 55cm field of view in less time than current MR systems.

Increased patient comfort

Ingenia Ambition 1.5T is more open and less confining than 60cm MR systems, making it a more attractive imaging option for our patients. Since most scans can be performed with the patient’s head entirely out of the opening, it offers a better patient experience. Our new MR system is not only minimally invasive, it’s minimally intimidating. It was designed with patient comfort in mind and features like ComforTone and the in-bore experience create audio and visual enhancements designed to relax the patient and eliminate anxiety.

More Applications

Our radiologists and technologists can use the Ingenia Ambition 1.5T to quickly generate a wide range of MR images—the whole body or any part of it.
It produces the precise, detailed images they need to confidently diagnose many different anatomical and structural problems in the body—including brain and nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disease, and organ disease. And the wide 70cm opening means we can accommodate more patients of varying size, age, and physical condition.

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